Favorite Card of the Year - 2018

My Favorite Card of the Year – 2018

Earlier today P-town Tom of the “Waiting ’til Next Year…” blog posted about his yearly “Favorite Card of the Year” contest.  It’s a fun way to see what others enjoy and I’m entering for the second year in a row.  My 2017 post was on my other blog, the 2016-17 Parkhurst Alex DeBrincat.

I feel like the blogging community is about 85% baseball-centric.  It’s possible that 85% is a bit high, but it sure feels that way.  I was an outlier last year with my hockey post.

My purchases and interest in cards has turned to vintage, specifically pre-war sets like T36, T210 and T206.  That leaves me with less to choose from for 2018, but at the same time it made my choice easier.  As soon as I read Tom’s post, I knew my card of 2018.


My Favorite Card of the Year (2018) – Heritage High Series Harrison Musgrave

Why the Harrison Musgrave Heritage card?  Easy.

Musgrave played baseball at my alma mater (West Virginia University), is a West Virginia native and this is his only rookie card.

Why do I have so many of them?  Well…

First of all, this wasn’t all of them.  This was just all that woulds fit onto my table for the photograph.  Before the set was released, I contacted Brent Williams asking if he’d let me know if he hit any of the parallels and also that I’d buy a bunch of base.  After that, I joined a couple of case breaks where I could just get the Musgrave cards.  Unfortunately neither of the breaks or Brent’s cases yielded any parallels.  I ended up with a lot of base from the breaks and since I’d already talked to Brent about the base, I went ahead and bought ones that I didn’t need.

I don’t have any interest in baseball anymore, but still will open the occasional blaster just to get my “fix.”  I don’t keep anything unless it’s a Jedd Gyorko, the only other former Mountaineer (and native of my hometown) in the majors.  When you add all of that together, it made my choice for favorite card of the year very simple.

Happy collecting, y’all!

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  1. That’s a pretty insane total. I’ll have to take a couple days to think about my card of the year for 2018. Last year, I chose Brooks Robinson’s Topps Stadium Club card as my favorite from the entire 2017 season.

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