My first Kevin White (#WVU) Mailday

There are many days that I am frustrated with the hobby.  Being on multiple boards, following people on Twitter, being in a few card groups on Facebook, etc., I see people daily that frustrate me.  Too many people are in the hobby for the wrong reasons.  You may watch sports, but if you’re all hung up on money in the hobby, you are part of the problem.  I’m in it for the fun of it.  It’s like when I buy a shirt at the store, I don’t expect to get money back from anything I pick up.  If I do, it’s just a bonus.

However, days like today are ones that remind me that there are still very good people in the hobby.

I don’t know when, but it was over a year ago, I “met” Jason on Twitter.  I believe we had a mutual follower that “introduced” us because he had a Geno Smith Upper Deck RPA redemption card, numbered out of ten.  After sending a few messages and him finding out why I was interested (I am a WVU alum), he made me a fantastic offer on it, that I took him up on.  I don’t remember everything about the conversation, but I know he told me that he was wanted to get it to a good home and he knew that I’d appreciate it.  I know he could have gotten more for it, but I was ecstatic to get it.  Being a redemption, it took awhile until I had the actual card in hand, but it was well worth the wait.


Later on, Jason ended up with two more Geno Smith autographs, both Upper Deck and pictured in his WVU uniform.  The Jets stuff means nothing to me.  I want all former Mountaineers to do well in the pros, but I don’t follow the NFL.  We were able to strike a deal and I picked up the two items below.  The booklet is the ONLY booklet that I own.  I am just not a big fan of them.  However, there was no way I was passing this one up.



I have picked up items from time to time and sent out to Jason, and he’s done the same.  We have a rather “pay it forward” trading connection.  I have sent him some Virginia Tech players’ cards and Philadelphia Flyers in the past.  I still have a couple of Manny Machado Topps rookies to drop in the mail to him and some other goodies.  I won’t mention them, since I’m pretty sure he will read this.  He’s sent me cards from time to time.  In the last year I’ve received a good number of Charles Sims items from him, including a jersey auto.

I haven’t been looking into football at all lately, so I haven’t picked up any Kevin White cards.  A few days ago, Jason asked me for my address, since I have moved a couple of times in the last year.  I had no idea what to expect, though.  Much to my delight, I received these in the mail today!


I love knowing that there ARE people out there that collect for the pure enjoyment of it and want to help out other collectors.  I am the same way myself.  It’s always nice to get the most you can out of something that you aren’t going to keep.  It simply gives you more to put into something that you DO want.  However, there’s a great feeling that comes along with helping someone out.

Jason has done that for others as well.  A couple of months ago, he reached out to me about a card that I would have loved to pick up.  I couldn’t do it, but I know I put out a few feelers for him of people that I knew would love it.  I know he ultimately was able to get it into a great home.

Remember, at the end of the day, this is a hobby.  It’s not to be taken too seriously!

You can follow Jason on Twitter at @JasonW757. You can also follow me at @kin_kinsley, if you like.

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