My First Panini Rewards Card Has Arrived

If you follow this blog, you’ve seen my daily box break posts from my recent DA Card World order that included several hobby boxes, retail boxes, and loose packs. It was a fun break because of the variety it included but I pulled a card that I had yet to acquire; a Panini Rewards card and this one was for 150 points. 


The Panini Rewards program debuted about two years ago and is an attempt to remove redemption cards from packs. I’ve heard negatives and positives about these “points cards” but had never been through the process since they had eluded me in my pack and box purchases. 

Nevertheless, I finally had one. But, now the question was what to do with it. Should I sell it or redeem it myself? After a few days of browsing the Panini Rewards shop, I decided I’d try to sell it. I didn’t really see anything that grabbed my attention so u thought I’d cash out. I inquired with a couple collectors that regularly buy these points but my highest offer was $6. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with that either. So, I thought what the hell, I’ll just redeem it just to see how smooth the process is. 

After browsing the baseball cards available from Panini and again not really seeing I wanted, a lightbulb went off! They probably have a few cards of my favorite NBA players of the 90’s! And yes they did! I saw a few options for Kendall Gill, a couple for Glen Rice, and some of Larry Johnson which is who I picked. 

After all that, here’s the beauty that I received today for the price of 150 points (approx. $6 on the secondary market) and $4.44 shipping and handling. 

I wasn’t able to find any active or sold listings on eBay to get an idea of what the selling price may be and to see if I paid fair market value.  But, for less than $10.50, I’m very happy with my purchase and that’s all that matters!

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