My second Clouts’n’Chara trade #Mailday

A couple of months ago, I picked up a Nathan MacKinnon Heirs to the Throne Patch, numbered out of 25.  For some reason, though that tier was supposed to be a patch, it was a one color.  I picked it up off a collector that I’ve had many transactions with, and for a price I was comfortable with.  I just figured I would be able to trade it and get something nice for my PC in return.  I was right.

I put it in my traders bucket and figured someone on Sports Card Forum would be interested.  I put it into my traders bucket for a short amount of time and nobody inquired.  I posted it on a few threads where people were looking for MacKinnon.  Nobody seemed interested.  I posted a thread that I had it and was looking to trade it.  Nobody replied to it.

Finally, I found someone on Clouts’n’Chara that was interested.  He was interested and had some pieces that I was going to be happy to add to my PC.  Like me, he was surprised that thought Panini called it a “patch,” it was just one color.  I knew this and didn’t try to get the full Beckett value back in trade, but I did come close.

He agreed to it, on one condition.  He asked me to throw in a Sami Vatanen and Tomas Hertl Young Guns.  I’d recently picked up a second Hertl YG cheaply, so I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of completing the trade.

Even though I’d had feedback verified on CnC and I shouldn’t have had to wait on him to ship until mine got there, I agreed to it.  He had solid feedback, so I wasn’t concerned about being taken.  Also, I was just really happy with the trade and didn’t want to let it get away.

Here’s what I got back in return:


While I have a handful of Tuevo Teravainen rookies, I didn’t have any autographs or anything really nice.  This was obviously the key piece to the trade from my end.  We’d agreed to the trade before the Blackhawks finished off Tampa Bay to win the Stanley Cup and I’m glad we did.  Teravainen stuff was relatively cheap before the playoffs started, but I feel he’s become more of a name both in general and in the hobby.  I was glad to get a nice rookie auto to pair with my Young Guns.

img120 img119

I’m casually working on completing the 2013-14 Black Diamond Blackhawks Championship Rings set.  I haven’t gotten to the point of going to eBay to find the particular ones that I need yet.  I’m just still picking up singles through trades as I find them.  Ultimately, I’d love to put together the Day with the Cup set as well.  That’s going to be an expensive project, so I haven’t even started on it.

img122 img123 img121

I had totally spaced and forgotten that Adam Clendening had been traded.  Had I remembered, I’d have probably picked something else instead, but you’ll have that.  The Trevor van Riemsdyk is probably the best card I have yet of him.  I’ve acquired a few autos of retired Blackhawks through trades and I’ve always loved that Upper Deck Legends design, so I had to add this one to the PC.


Finally, nothing too big or outstanding, but I’ll take a Nichushkin rookie as a “throw-in” at the end any time that I can get it.  I do believe that the Stars are on the verge of something big and he will likely be a big part of it.  I’m not sure it’ll be this season, but I expect a pretty deep run in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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