My second TTM Autograph Success

I haven’t been buying many cards lately and because of that, I’ve not been checking the mail daily.  However, sending out three TTM requests a couple of weeks ago has made it exciting and I now am checking daily.  The first came back Thursday and the second one came Saturday.


Not only did Bobby Allison sign and return the two cards that I sent, he also added in another he signed and one that his brother Donnie signed.  Both of them ran the Indianapolis 500 and I can add them to my collection of autos from former drivers.

I have picked some some more cards of Bobby and plan to send them to get signed.  I’ve also acquired some Donnie Allison cards to send.  I also plan to pick up a card with both of them on it and get them both to sign.  I’ve certainly found fun again in the hobby with the TTM attempts.

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