No hamburger for you, hockey card collector!

Yesterday I posted about the NHL Three Stars of the Week and Senators goaltender Andrew Hammond was the number one star.  This morning when I checked my email, I got excited to see a story posted from Pro Hockey Talk titled “Upper Deck has card of Hammond Picking up Hamburger.”

The amusement of “The Hamburglar” isn’t only with Ottawa fans.  I found it amusing that fans were throwing burgers on the ice.  My girlfriend, who loves her Dallas Stars, found it amusing as well.  It even piqued the interest of her teenage son, who has no interest in sports.

Much to my disappointment, when I clicked on the link, it was one of those “cards” that has Upper Deck’s name on it, and is a shared picture on Twitter.  It’s not a physical card you can get.   If you haven’t seen it, it has a very similar design to the 2015 National Hockey Card Day in Canada set.


I have seen similar “cards” posted from the Dallas Stars’ Twitter page after players score a goal.  While cool, I am disappointed that we can’t actually get these.   I’ve been eyeballing every John Klingberg they’ve posted.


There must be an agreement between Upper Deck and particular teams, as I have not seen this for my Chicago Blackhawks. Why not carry something like this (minus the statistics, obviously) in the arenas? Even if they were limited team sets that you could only buy from the team shops there, it might be one small way to try and get kids back into the hobby.  Maybe dad isn’t buying junior an $80 box of cards, but if he’s taking him to a Stars game, he can likely afford a $10 team set.  Perhaps dad isn’t even into cards, but it’s something that gets junior’s attention.

Back to the original topic, it was a nice touch from Upper Deck. Hopefully we will see something relating to the hamburgers and his nickname in the late 2014-15 products, or at least early in the 2015-16 line.  It might make getting stuck with the Senators in a box/case break a little less painful.


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