Non-Card #Mailday for #TheAndrewShawProject

I’ve opened up to adding non-card items to my Andrew Shaw collection.  There’s just a few cards left that I need, so it’s time to find some new things.  I have checked my former employer’s (Lids) website from time to time to see if there was an Andrew Shaw OYO figure.  They run the “Chicago Locker Room” that carry product for nothing but the Chicago-based teams.  They had other OYO figures and no Shaw, so I assumed that those just weren’t made.

I assumed wrong.  Lids just has decided not to carry them.

Perusing feeBay one day, I came across the a few listings for the Shaw OYO.  The seller with the lowest price had a notification on that they’d be gone until early August.  There were a handful of listings, so I elected to wait.  A couple of days later one of the other sellers put the item on sale and had free shipping, so the wait paid off.


They’re not really much more than a little Lego guy.  However, I loved my Legos as a kid and combining that with my favorite (and PC) player made it a “must have” for me.  I haven’t opened one of them and not sure if I even will, as I don’t know what I’d do with them.  It’s all just for the love of collecting.

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