Not sure it’s a “white whale,” but it’s been elusive.

I’ve heard the hobby term “white whale,” and even googled it, but it doesn’t seem there’s a true consensus on what the term means.  Like so many other things in the hobby, it is probably up to each individual.

What I can say is that I think I’ve found one of the most elusive cards for my Andrew Shaw PC.  Though it’s numbered out of 25, I’ve never seen the 2012-13 Andrew Shaw/Jeremy Roenick Back to the Future Autograph for sale or trade anywhere.  There was a time when I was not collecting as much and perhaps it was available then, but to still not see one ever is rather shocking.  I’ve seen two of the 2011-12 The Cup Spectrum cards, also numbered to 25, in the last couple of months.

The dual auto is one of the few Shaw cards left that I need.  It’s on the checklist below, highlighted in blue.

Andrew Shaw needs as of 5/24/15
Andrew Shaw needs as of 5/24/15

When I was in my teens, Jeremy Roenick was my favorite player.  In the days before so many parallels, 1/1s, etc, I had almost every Roenick card that I knew existed.  This was also before I had access to the internet.

Reading through @29Collector‘s blog, I saw that he has picked up cards multiple times on  I believe I had looked briefly at the site before after viewing the Tim Wallach blog in the past.  I had obviously not purchased anything from there and was skeptical.

We all know eBay and most feel relatively safe purchasing from there.  There are also forums like Sports Card Forum and Clouts N Chara with a feedback system, allowing us to feel a bit more secure in buying or trading.  Though skeptical, the previously mentioned blogger had done okay, along with someone else I spoke to.   So, I took the chance.

Hopefully in the next week or so, I will have a blog post about one of the most elusive Shaw cards ever.  I mean, heck, I’ve even had a guy message me because he has the Shaw The Cup Flag Tag /5.  He wanted more than I could do, but at least I’ve seen it and know it exists!

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