Nothing Wrong With (Low Numbered) Multiples

Player super collectors are all different.  What constitutes the “best” collection?  Is it having a copy of the most cards?  Is it the pure quantity, regardless of how many are multiples?

Personally, I don’t work in quantity.  There are some base Andrew Shaw cards I have multiples of, but they don’t “mean” much.  I only tend to buy them as a lot or something like that.  It’s just too expensive to go for quantity in base cards.  However, on low numbered cards, I will pick up additional pieces that are in my wheelhouse.  That’s the case with the subject of this mailday.


This is actually the third one of these that I’ve acquired over the years.  I believe I’ve not gotten my hands on a few that have been available, so there’s no telling how many I can honestly accumulate.  If I can even come up with one more, I will have over a quarter of the available print run, and I find that pretty cool.

There are three levels of the Trilogy Signature Pucks.  The base has the current Blackhawks logo on the puck.  I actually just have one copy of this one.  I now own three of the Retro Logo pucks.  The most limited has the NHL Shield on the puck.  I believe one of them surfaced at some point, but I have yet to acquire one.  My Shaw “need” list is pretty short and consists of a lot of cards like that, very low numbered.

Just for kicks, the two of these that I already have:


If you’re interested in seeing my Shaw PC, you can check it out here.

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