One A-Toews-ingly cool card #Mailday

While I am a Blackhawks fan, I’ve never really been a Jonathan Toews fan.  However, I really grew to appreciate him (and Marian Hossa).  Even when they aren’t putting up points, they are doing things on the ice that other stars (see: SIdney Crosby) aren’t.  The biggest thing is killing penalties.  The Penguins best player (and the one that some argue is the best in the game), isn’t even on the ice when that happens.

I didn’t have any Toews cards in my PC, but when I saw this one posted on Twitter (by Alec), I wanted it.  I absolutely loved the piece of stick.


Someone else has already staked their claim to it and I pretty much called “next,” just in case.  Whatever deal the two had been working on fell through and a few days later Alec got back to me and let me know it was still available.  We hadn’t made any trades before, but I had followed him awhile and felt safe in making a deal.  We were able to work it out and the card was on it’s way the next day.

When it arrived, there were a few #Blackhawks singles included.


I have to say that my favorite was the Ultra Bernie Nicholls.  It was a real “blast from the past,” which is something that keeps me into cards.  He only played two season in Chicago, but they were the last couple of seasons I paid attention to hockey before a long hiatus.  I started college in 1997 and lost interest for a few years.  It’s always nice to come across old names to remind me of those high school days.

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