One Really short #Mailday

This beauty has to be one of the shortest, as the crow flies, mail days that I’ve ever had.  A year or so ago when I lived in Indiana, I picked up an Andrew Shaw card that I needed from another town just outside Indianapolis.  Either that, or this one, was the shortest ever.

A will call Eric a friend, as we chat quite often and met at a local card show a few weeks ago.  He picked up a beautiful Trevor Daley patch card sometime in the last couple of months and had shown me.  I’ve become a Stars fan (they’re still number two, though) when I moved to the area and Daley is my girlfriend’s favorite player.

He let me know last week that he’d decided not to keep it and asked me if I was interested in picking it up.  Um, YES!  We worked out the details and this beauty arrived in my mail yesterday.


I’m not sure everyone does it, but when it’s a patch cards, I like to attempt to figure out where on the sweater it came from.  On this one, there is little doubt.

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