PACK BREAK: 2 (More) Packs 2016 Topps Archives Baseball

As I mentioned on Beckett Radio, I’m buying very little modern.  I have made the move to mostly vintage, but I do like these cards for the nostalgia.  I picked up two packs before when I stopped into Duane’s Sports Cards and decided to snag a couple more on the next trip in.

I did get pull one solid card in the first two packs (you can check the link if you’re curious what) but didn’t have much success this time.  All of the cards were base and nothing I’d actually keep.



It was still fun to rip into a couple of packs.  I sent all these to COMC and figure someone will appreciate them more.  I imagine there are set builders for this set.  Perhaps not as many as Heritage but it looks like something that many collectors will strive to put together.

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