PACK BREAK – 2 Packs 2014 Panini Prizm Camo Prizms

Kin Kinsley
August 31, 2016

I’m not a modern guy, I open very few packs and I don’t pay any attention to baseball.  However, things just catch your eyes sometimes.

I was at a show a couple of weeks ago and one seller had a bunch of packs of the 2014 Camo Prizms.  I don’t know anything about how they came, but I knew that I could see the front and back card on each pack.  He had them priced at 3/$5, so I picked up three.

I was headed to a birthday get-together later that evening for the nephew that collects cards (he’s the only one I can pass on love for the hobby to), so the third one, along with some basketball packs, were for him.

The two that I selected for me were based on the players on the front.


This pack was picked up for the Jedd Gyorko.  He’s from my hometown, so I figured “what the heck?”  It turned out to be a good pack, as when I looked them up I saw that the lowest asking price on COMC for the Jose Abreu is more than $10.  Only the Mike Trout had a higher asking price, if I remember correctly.


I picked this one up for the Mike Schmidt card.  A few weeks ago Jason had a TTM success with Schmidt, so I thought this would be a nice one to send.

I bought these simply for the cards that I knew I was getting, so I’m quite happy with how it all turned out.  Not sure what I will do with the other ten cards, though.

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