PACK BREAK: 2 Packs 2016 Topps Archives Baseball

Yesterday I stopped into Duane’s Sportscards to pick up a storage box.  Like most in the hobby, it’s tough to walk into a shop and walk out with only supplies.

I don’t collect modern anymore, but I have a general idea what’s out there.  I almost picked up a blaster of Archives a couple of weeks ago, but decided against it.  I do love the concept and designs in the Archives set, so I picked up a couple of packs while I was in the shop.

Pack 1:


I’m much more a fan of the older players on designs that we didn’t see them on.  I loved the Roberto Clemente and Johnny Bench cards on the 1991 Topps design.  I will check out if Bench, Tony Perez of Bruce Sutter sign through the mail and if they do, I may send those off.  The Roberto Clemente will go to Jason, if he wants it.


I knew that the Jim Palmer had to be a parallel of some sort, since it was #d/50.  Maybe he signs through the mail?  I’d know there are less that 50 of THIS card signed.

Pack 2:


The Junior is a keeper for me.  He was never my absolute favorite as a kid (those guys were Dale Murphy, then Will Clark and the Russ Davis), but he was always one of my favorites.  The Ryan Klesko will be sent to my uncle.  He doesn’t collect anymore because of how ridiculous the hobby has become.  However, he was the man that got me into collecting.  In the late 90s, he was a Klesko supercollector before it was even a term, I believe.  There were two other men that collected him.  These guys would turn a card that should have sold for $5 into a $50 card on eBay, if more of them needed it.  It wasn’t quite to the current Andres Galarraga/Omar Vizquel level, but it was pretty insane.  The Bryce Harper will go to Jason if he wants it.  I know Ryne Sandberg used to sign through the mail so I will check and see if he still does.  Not even sure if Robin Roberts is still with us.

I didn’t hit a Kevin Costner autograph and I won’t “make” money.  That’s not why I’m in the hobby.  It was just about the fun and nostalgia for me.  I wish more in the hobby would look at it like that.

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