PACK BREAK: 2016 Bowman Baseball Retail Hang Pack (3 Packs+)

Kin Kinsley
August 9, 2016

When I went back to Target on Sunday to pick up the discount Allen & Ginter box, it wasn’t my only purchase. I tweeted that I love these hanger packs when value is added. By that, I’m referring to the special “retail only” bonus cards. Though I am not into baseball at all, I went ahead and picked one up, just to see what I got.

I’ve become what I consider a true collector again, in that I don’t buy with the thought of reselling. In the past, I did find limited success buying some retail to sell, as crazy as that sounds. In 2014, Topps Chrome WWE included Atomic Refractors in some of their retail products, as exclusives to retail. I absolutely made money on these.

I believe that people were working on set, as multiple people bought multiple cards. Also, they didn’t buy them at the same time. I was doing so well that I cleaned out the Walmart in Lebanon, IN and the Meijer in Whitestown, IN.

I had no idea how I “did” after opening these packs. I hear many refer to “eBay value,” but I’ve begun looking at “COMC value.” How much it’s available for on there is what I care about.





It doesn’t appear that it was anything impressive, but it worth a shot.  Some of these will go to the card-collecting nephew and the rest…I’m not sure about.

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