Pack Searchers & Re-Sealers

Pack searchers are one of the hot topics in the Twitter card community over the last couple of weeks. Someone shared a video of themself confronting a pack searcher and then there was a Twitter account set up to show/call out/shame pack searchers. Widely loved hobby Twitterer (Tweeter?) Sooz even focused her most recent #cardchat on pack searchers.

Sooz (@yanxchick) and her #cardchat

Many things in the hobby fire people up. Pack searchers may not make that particular Mount Rushmore (currently Gary Vee and folks flipping retail product headline the gripes), but they are damn close.  Buying “hot packs” on eBay, you’re likely supporting a pack searcher, so keep that in mind if you don’t condone the practice.

Rungoodlife posted a useful YouTube video showing things you should watch out for when buying retail products, and I feel it’s worth sharing to get the word out to as many as possible. Nobody wants to purchase product that has been tampered with.

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In addition, I’m sharing @AboutTheCards’ image showing OBVIOUSLY resealed blasters.  Make sure to follow About The Cards on YouTube, and watch/participate in their LIVE weekly web show.  

resealed boxes
About The Cards @AboutTheCards · 14h Rewrapped 2018 Topps, no doubt filled with 1989 Donruss, and a clearly abused Gypsy Queen blaster… #PackPerverts @Walmart #ThanksTopps

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