Pay it Forward Mailday from Net54

I haven’t been as active on the Net 54 boards lately.  I’ve been focusing more on acquiring cards to take to Indianapolis in hopes of getting autographs this week.  Because of that, I haven’t have much to post about on there.  There are threads on there that I follow because I love seeing what other people pick up.

My favorite thread is a recent (vintage) football pickups thread.  There’s a gentleman named Larry that posts a lot.  He is working on some of the 1940s sets and I enjoy his posts.  He’s not worried about condition, he just wants to finish the sets.  I love that mindset and have taken to it myself.

Larry messaged me a few days ago and asked for my address.  There was something that he wanted to send me.  I had no idea what was coming, but I knew that I was going to love it.

1954 Topps Scoops #110 – Notre Dame’s 4 Horsemen

About the Topps Scoops cards, from Cardboard Connection:

“1954 Topps Scoops trading cards squeeze about 1,000 years of history into a tidy 156-card set. Presented as a newspaper of sorts, the set’s wide-ranging subject matter still appeal to collectors today.

Released in a two series, each with 78 cards, 1954 Topps Scoops are much smaller than traditional trading cards. Each measures 2 1/16″ by 2 15/16″. Card fronts have a painted image of the event along with a box that carries a headline and date. Some cards originally came with scratch-off area meant to hide the image. Card backs are laid out like a newspaper. The top of the card has a newspaper name, date and location. The card number inside a box on the left side. Below this is a headline. A black and white image and a write-up tell the story.

The subject matter in 1954 Topps Scoops covers a lot of ground. Early American history and recent wars figure very prominently. Although the release focuses heavily on non-sports subjects, it isn’t without a handful of sports stars. Babe Ruth, Notre Dame’s legendary Four Horsemen, Jesse Owens, Joe Louis, Bob Feller and Ben Hogan are among the athletes included in the set.

Today, 1954 Topps Scoops appeals to a variety of collectors. Besides set collectors, the varied subject matter brings a lot of interest for singles as well. Not surprisingly, the Ruth generates some of the highest prices.”

I had commented on how Larry’s user ID of LuckyLarry was accurate.  Yes, this card is quite beaten up, but he found it at a local card show in a quarter bin.  He ended up sending it to me.  He is a member of an online trading card group that focuses on sending others cards to help them fill wants.  Someday I hope to join that community.

There are a lot of good collectors out there that are in it for the right reasons, including fun.  They aren’t the majority, but they are out there.  I’m happy to say that I have met quite a few over the years.

Pro Football bores me, but I do still love college football.  This card has a great home and will be in my collection as long as I’m alive  Thank you, Larry!


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