Pickups from Duane’s SportsCards (Arlington, TX)

We all have times in life when we are very busy.  As you can tell, the two of us that write on the blog run into it and there will sometimes be days between posts.  It happens.  Our personal lives are much more important than cards, a blog, social media and many other things we do for fun.

I mention that, because the cards in this post were picked up probably six weeks ago.  As I pulled out my box to start working on my 1955 Topps All-American project, I found these in there and realized that I never wrote a post.  It just happens.

It was a Friday afternoon and I’d stopped by Duane’s to pick up some particular supplies.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of the gentlemen (there are actually four separate vendors in the shop) is looking to get out of the hobby and enjoy his retirement.  He had some cases marked 75% off, so I decided to take a look…again…


He also had some boxes of vintage (mostly commons and minor stars) marked 50% off, so of course, I took a look through those as well.  I picked out two cards.

img607 img608

This is at least my eighth copy of this card.  I may have more hidden away in boxes somewhere as well.  I mean, I wasn’t passing it up.  It’s a vintage card of a former Mountaineer and I got it for a buck.  I’ll buy those every time!

img609 img610

I’m not doing this set or anything but I felt that $3 for a 1970 unmarked checklist was a steal!  Once I got home and did a little research, I actually found that it was about going rate.  Ah well, it was only $3.

1989 Score #258 Derrick Thomas ROOKIE
1989 Score #258 Derrick Thomas ROOKIE

Even though I started collecting in 1987 and liked Thomas, I never had one of these.  Being able to pick it up for $3.50 wasn’t something I was going to pass on.  Rest peacefully, sir.

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