Product Review: Ultra Pro PSA Slab Clam Shells

One thing I love about this hobby is the way that trading cards and other memorabilia can be displayed and protected. 

With my personal collection lately, I’ve been buying more graded cards to save for my son in hopes that he can do something positive with them in 20 years or so. But, as any collector knows, half the battle is finding something to buy and the other half is finding a way to store and protect them. 

Well, a few days ago I found a new-to-me product that I wanted to try. 


I purchased this 3 pack of Ultra Pro PSA Slab Clam Shells for just under $6, or $2 each. I could’ve gotten a bulk discount had I wanted more but since I had never used them before I decided the smart move would be to test them out first. However, I’m now regretting that decision because I absolutely love these!

Each clam shell is a two-piece set with the pieces “locking” into place with side notches (see the picture). 

Once the slab is in the clam shell, there is no movement whatsoever, which kind of surprised me. I thought there may be a little bit of rattling back and forth but there’s none of that. The slabs fit very snug. 

There’s also a great deal of eye appeal to these clam shells as I think they actually make the graded cards look very attractive. It’s like putting a common card in a One Touch. It just looks expensive!

Overall, I would highly recommend this product for anyone that collects PSA-graded cards! A few extra bucks can keep the slab in good condition for a lot longer and even add some eye appeal to your collection!

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