Quarter Box Sale TONIGHT Live on my YouTube Channel

Just a quick note to my readers that I’ll be running a quarter box sale tonight on my YouTube channel (click for link to my page).

All cards will be just 25 cents.  If you purchase 100 or more, they will be 20 cents apiece.  Shipping is a flat $4, no matter how many you purchase.

I will have baseball, football and a small amount of hockey and racing.  Cards are sorted by team (other than racing) and I will go through teams as requested.

Please bear with me as I work out some kinks, this will be my first sale.  I know that others running sales usually have someone helping them, but I will be running solo. If this is successful, I will consider another sale in a few weeks.  It might be more quarter cards, it might be dollar cards.  Who knows?

Estimated start time is 4pm Central time.  I hope you’ll stop by!

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Please check out my eBay store as well as my COMC store.  New cards were processed this week and are already in my port, with 500 more coming soon (hopefully).  Find me online:

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