October 27, 2016
The time has come in my favorite sport. Political correctness has smothered the great game of baseball. In just two short weeks we have witnessed something I never thought I would see, the hitters are not only showing up the pitchers, but actually getting away with it. I do not claim to know all of the “unwritten rules” rules of baseball, but I do know enough of them to know that if you do anything to show up guy on the mound 60’ away from you, the next time you are in the batter’s box you will get a 95 mph fastball in your ribs.

I blame the PC world for allowing it to continue. The guys in the box are no longer worried because they know the “new” fans will scream outrage that this tactic is accepted. After all, this entire PC world is all about all things acceptance! They do not know or understand the great game of baseball with its rich traditions and colorful history.

I am here to tell you this in no way should be allowed to continue. The second reason this has gone on as long as it has is due to the fact that baseball is losing its veterans. They are retiring one by one so there are no players in the clubhouse to school these kids about what is allowed and what isn’t.

Twenty years ago if a player showed up a pitcher, one of the many veterans would take that player aside and let him know that’s not how the game is played. The new player learns and doesn’t do it again. Pretty simple concept actually. Part of the leadership in the dugout that teams would be interested in acquiring. Someone to show the game to the newer players. That trait I don’t believe is as important to the games GM’s because the rules are changing and it’s an “anything goes” time for the sport.

During the ninth inning of the 2016 World Series while DOWN by SIX runs, Willson Contreras hits what he obviously thinks is a home run (mistake #1), he then scoots toward first base with bat still in hand admiring this massive blast (mistake #2) which ends up bouncing off the wall and back into left field(mistake #3). He then realizes the fool he is and starts running the bases ending up at second base instead of third where he belonged (mistake #4).

LINK:  Cubs catcher tweets apology for admiring ninth-inning double

This is the second time in the baseball postseason it has happened. Joc Pederson with the Dodgers made the same mistake during the NLDS. Before political correctness took over the next time that player is in the batter’s box, he is getting drilled. That teaches him that what he did is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

The funny part of this whole thing is everyone expects it to happen. I hear people say well it’s the culture of Central American players to be so emotional and show jubilation. Oh really? There have been more than one player from Central America that has been a Hall of Fame player (Roberto Clemente comes to mind) that managed to play the game the right way and give this beautiful sport everything it deserves, then it will once again gain what is so richly deserves.

As the wonderfully talented and beautiful Aretha so eloquently wished for…. just a little…..R-E-S-P-E-C-T……

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  1. Regular season game….absolutely. The World Series….not the time to teach those lessons.

    You can’t go plunking guys when games can potentially be so tight. A base runner of any sort is dangerous at this time of year.

    Much like hockey, the game changes come playoff time.

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