Rare Addition To My Josh Fogg Collection

Many of you may remember that I’m a Josh Fogg super collector and have been for a little over 14 years now. As you can imagine, when one collects everything of a player that doesn’t have much to begin with, one eventually runs out of options. But, there are those rare occasions when I find an item that needs to be added to my collection. Today was one such occasion. 

I won this game-used autographed jersey of Fogg a few days ago and paid the bill for it this morning. While this won’t be the first game-used Fogg jersey in my collection, it will be my favorite! I’ve always loved the yellow Pirates jersey and I missed out on a previous opportunity to buy this one. So, I’m glad it came up for sale again. It’ll look very nice with the others!

If you’d like to get a glimpse of my Josh Fogg collection, you can see it here. I think you’ll be impressed, even if it’s not the most valuable player collection out there. 

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