Really? What are the odds? Funny how the hobby works.

I posted Saturday about finding an Andrew Shaw card that, while numbered to 25, I had never even seen.  I acknowledged that I took some time off, but still, you’d think I would have seen at least one available.

LINK:  Not sure it’s a “white whale,” but it’s been elusive.

I will give you one guess what showed up later that night on eBay.


Yup.  After not seeing one, ever, I’ve come across two in just a matter of days.  Technically, I haven’t SEEN the one that’s on the way, but you understand the point.  Back to the subject at hand, it’s almost creepy that it comes available right now.

I messaged the seller asking if they’d be willing to sell.  They said they would, and asked what my offer was.  That is one of my hobby pet peeves.  It is YOUR card.  You know what you want for it.  When you go to a show, what would you do if you asked the price of a card and the seller said that you make the offer.  As a buyer, I am not bidding against myself.

When it comes down to it, I suppose we will see how the auction plays out.  I will definitely post an update.

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