Relic Cards: Knowing When & Where The Relic Was Used

Over the years many card companies have produced professional wrestling trading cards including Topps, Fleer, Pacific, and TriStar.  But, in my opinion, Fleer was an innovator in producing professional wrestling trading cards not just because they were the first ones to produce wrestling relics, but also because they truly thought outside the box with their WWF/WWE relic cards including “swatches” of tables, chairs, denim jeans and even milk cartons used at WWF/WWE live events.  Yes, that last sentence mentioned milk carton relics and the great part about that relic is that we have a pretty good idea of when that particular milk carton was used.

During the August 20, 2001 episode of WWF/WWE Monday Night Raw, Kurt Angle drove a milk truck to the ring and literally hosed The Alliance with milk after chucking several full milk cartons their way.  You can see the chaos here.  This is without a doubt a favorite moment of wrestling fans everywhere.

The card below pictures Kurt Angle attacking The Rock (who was not involved in the milk truck melee) but also includes an authentic event-used milk carton swatch.  I can only assume that the cartons cut up to be inserted into these cards were from the August 20, 2001 Raw episode mentioned above.  Even if it isn’t, it’s still a pretty cool relic!


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