Shaw, Andrew Shaw… #Mailday

Going back to when I collected baseball cards, I’ve always liked “wood” cards.  I loved bat cards and I loved stick cards.  It felt like stick cards had gone away, until last year’s Rookie Anthology set.  I must admit a few things, however, because I may be wrong.

  1. I have never been a fan of Panini, so unless Andrew Shaw was in their product, I didn’t pay any attention.
  2. I didn’t get back into hockey cards until early 2012.  I know know what was going on leading up until then.
  3. I don’t steadily research the latest products coming out.
  4. I don’t collect big names, so I’m not looking at a lot of eBay auctions.

I do love these stick cards.  I remember the old ones just being pieces of wood.  They were cool, but not as much as the Anthology relics.  Since they show the coating of the stick (which is probably fiberglass anyway), there is more of a jersey card feel.  The cards can be unique.  Before this mailday, I had eight of the 199 cards.  My favorite is the one that has “A3” on it.  Four of them appear to have text from the brand on the card.  Two more have pinstripes and one is plain black.

However, can you spot the reason I felt that I HAD to have this one?

2013-14 Rookie Anthology Luxury Suite #50 Andrew Shaw
2013-14 Rookie Anthology Luxury Suite #50 Andrew Shaw

Give up?  A few weeks ago, I posted this piece after I picked up another Shaw SP Authentic rookie.  I picked that one up simply because the serial number was 999/999.  In the case of this card, I picked it up because the serial number is 007.  Yes, I am a pretty big James Bond fan.  It’s hard to find things to add to a player PC like mine without just adding bulk, so I try to think outside the box.  This is the second 007 card I have picked up.

As you hear me say so often, the hobby is about having fun!

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