Show and Tell from a trip to Duane’s Sportscards

It’s been awhile since I made this visit, but it’s still worth sharing, in my opinion.  I took a couple of days off from work and after lunch with the lady, I hit a couple card shops on the way home.  I posted before about my stop at SMP Cards and also posted a pack breaks piece on a few packs I picked up.  On my way back home, I went ahead and made a stop at the most local (to me) of the card shops in the area, Duane’s Sportscards.


I had been encouraged to stop in some day when I had time to go through some boxes.  Typically, I stop in quickly after work and can’t spend too long in the shop.  This day was different though.  While I didn’t spend much money, I ended up with a few PC cards and some for other things.


This was the most expensive card that I bought, for a whopping $2.  I don’t often buy basketball cards, but when I do, it’s likely a former Mountaineer.  I couldn’t pass on a “White Lightning” rookie card in his WVU uniform!


I picked these two up for a dollar total.  The reason – I’m putting together a little Stars PC for the lady.  When she followed the Stars (before she knew me), Hatcher was her favorite player.  I can’t stand the cheap shot artist, but sometimes we make sacrifices for the women we love.

The rest were all in boxes I didn’t even know were under a table.  He told me that he’d sell me anything in there for a dime, so I knew that I was going to find a few cards.  I ended up with more than I thought, though.

img210img211 img212img214 img213 img216img219 img218 img217img221 img220img222 img223 img226img224 img227 img225img229 img230 img228img232 img231 img235img236 img234 img233031

That last picture is of 42 Guy Lafleur cards, though it doesn’t look like it.  I didn’t spread them out well.  Some of these I picked up with the intention of trading, so I will probably just throw them into my dime or quarter boxes for shows.  It’s not really worth the time and trouble to try and do much else with them.  Hopefully I can find them a good home.

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