Show and Tell from another trip to Nick’s Sports Cards (Dallas, TX)

After lunch with my lady and a stop at Triple Cards, I made a stop At Nick’s Sports Cards.  I almost decided to pass on it and just head home.  Boy, am I glad I didn’t.


Since I spent less than $5 at Triple Cards, I figured I’d go ahead and stop in on the way back home.  I asked to look at their 50s vintage boxes that were behind the counter.  I was disappointed to find only one 1955 Topps All-American in the box.  It was a lower condition piece, but one I needed for my set.  I did also find some other low-cost pieces in the box, though.



I’m now somewhere over five copies of this card and probably close to ten.  I think I’ve bought at least three of them previously at Nick’s.  However, for a buck or two, I will always pick up a card of this Mountaineer legend.



Speaking of Mountaineer (and NFL) legends, I wasn’t going to pass these up for $2 apiece.

I did mention to Debbie that I was hoping to find more of the 1955 All-American cards after I got completely through the boxes.  She mentioned that there should be more in another box toward the front of the store and that someone had just been going through them a couple of days earlier.  He is working to complete the set as well.

I had intentions on just buying some “cheapies.”  My plan is to put the set together in person, unless I happen on a graded one that I pick up online.  I’m not worried about getting the highest condition cards right now.  I just want to complete the set first and then I will focus on upgrading.  However, there were some good condition cards at good prices, so I picked up these three cards that I needed.

img251 img255

img250 img254

img249 img253

I was extremely happy to pick these up in these conditions for just over a third of high book value.  There were more I would have liked to pick up, but one must be responsible as it applies to funds. If the name “Jay Berwanger” sounds somewhat familiar, he was the first winner of the Heisman Trophy.

img252 img256

It’s low-grade, but since they were asking just over 10% of book and I needed it for my set, I went ahead and picked this up.  Obviously it will be upgraded in time but I plan on this being a project that takes me years until I feel it’s “complete.”

What I know is that I’m really glad I didn’t decided to skip the stop.  Since Nick’s isn’t too far from where I attend game watches for WVU games, I may have to stop in every couple of weeks or so and add a card or two to my set.

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