Show & Tell – #WVU pickups from one LCS

A couple of months ago, I headed to our local card show for one reason.  I wanted to get my autographed Andrew Shaw Canvas Young Guns authenticated.  JSA was setting up at the show, so I made the 45 minute drive knowing I’d be coming home with a certificate of authenticity.

I made it to the show later than I had planned and by the time I did, there was a significant wait time.  After looking around I decided to head to Triple Cards, which is about a five minute drive from where the show is held.  I’m a very picky collector and only collect certain things, so it is possible for me to leave a shop having purchased little or nothing.

I went through some of the boxes of cheap cards and found some Moutaineer autographs for what I felt were good prices.  It’s one advantage of residing somewhere other than where your school or team is.  It was my first visit to that particular shop, so there were some just begging to come home with me.  The first time I hit a new shop or show, there’s always the potential for a wonderful PC haul.  It’s usually not as likely after, being so picky about what I collect.

These are the WVU cards that I left with:

img116 img110

img117 img115 img114 img113 img111 img112

Not a bad little trip, in my opinion.  Hail, West Virginia!

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