Some goodies from a trip to one local card shop.

A few weeks ago I took Thursday and Friday off from work as a couple of “mental health” days.  I really like my job, but I have a lot of vacation time and we were coming off a very busy part of the year.  After heading up to have some lunch with the lady, I headed over to SMP Cards to check it out.


We have five (that I know of) card shops in the Fort Worth/Dallas area and this was the last of the shops I made it to.  I loved how much wax they have.  It takes up pretty much both of the side walls in the shop.  There’s a lot of “junk wax” in there as well and I loved it, though I didn’t pick up any.  If you’re on Twitter and follow some of the right collectors, you know there’s a lot of love for old “junk wax,” now that the folks that collected it as kids are now into our 30s and have some expendable income.

I spent probably at least an hour in the shop and while I didn’t spend too much, I made a few small pickups.  The shop had a few boxes of cards that were 3/$10.  They were mostly “junk” autos and memorabilia cards from the early 2000s.  However, that is right down my alley.  The first time I find a shop that has something like this (or a new seller at a show), I know it’s a potential gold mine for my PC.  I posted previously about my first trip to a local card shop where I found quite a few WVU cards for my PC and that’s oftentimes a typical outcome the first time I visit those new shops.

I wasn’t as lucky this time, but I did find three cards worth picking up.

img183 img182

No explanation is needed on why I picked these up.  I know that I already had these, but it’s all about the PC fun, so why not pick up another?


If you watch college football, you know Jesse Palmer as one of ESPN’s analysts and you probably either really love or hate him.  Social media tells me that it’s likely the latter, but I happen to be a fan of him.  I’ve decided that I want to start collecting cards of former athletes turned announcers, at least the ones I like.  I recently picked up a Petros Papadakis card from a USC set.  Both are now a part of a PC that might be unlike any other.

I picked up a couple other random pieces.


I remember having a few of these oversized cards as a kid, so I decided to pick these up for the grand total of a buck.  Who else remembers these?  Anyone?


At the time of the pickup, I hadn’t decided yet that I was done with really trying to trade online.  I picked this up as trade bait, as Teemu Selanne was on the back and I thought that I might find an interested party.  I believe there’s a card in the middle as well.  Not sure yet if I’m going to open it up or maybe give it away on the Triple B Twitter account.


FInally, I picked up these random packs that were just sitting on a shelf.  There wasn’t even a box for them and they just looked so lonely there.  I knew they had to go home with me and I could give them a good home.  Wait, they are cards…not a puppy.  I still haven’t opened them up, but may do it later today and post the results.  Not sure if there’s even anything noteworthy from the set.

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