Sometimes I Can’t Even Recall How I Find Out About Cards.

This pickup is a perfect example.  I know that I saw it for the first time on COMC, but I’m not sure “how” I got there.  There was only one copy listed, but at $20.  Thanks but no thanks, I will explore other options.

A quick look at eBay found a few of these at better prices.  I found a seller that had two copies and was asking $5 OBO.  I offered three each and was a bit surprised the offer was accepted.  You just never know.

About the 1956 Adventure Gum set from

“The Adventure series produced by Gum Products in 1956, contains a wide variety of subject matter. Cards in the set measure the standard size. The color drawings are printed on a heavy thickness of cardboard and have large white borders. The backs contain the card number, the caption, and a short text. The most expensive cards in the series of 100 are those associated with sports (Louis, Tunney, etc.). In addition, card number 86 (Schmelling) is notorious and sold at a premium price because of the Nazi symbol printed on the card. Although this set is considered by many to be a topical or non-sport set, several boxers are featured (cards 11, 22, 31-35, 41-44, 76-80, 86-90). One of the few cards of Boston-area legend Harry Agannis is in this set. The sports-related cards are in greater demand than the non-sport cards. These cards came in one-card penny packs where were packed 240 to a box.”

1956 Adventure Gum “Not For Beginners…” Indianapolis 500 #20

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  1. Nice card! I’m amused at how they avoid calling the race the “Indianapolis 500” on the back, referring to it as “The annual Memorial Day auto race at Indianapolis”… Some sort of copyright issues, I’m sure.

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