Sports Card Direct #Mailday – an alternative to eBay?

Sometimes, I’m not even sure how I end up following people on Twitter and this mailday relates to one of those time.  At some point in the past few months I started following @bqaggie on Twitter.  After seeing some of his tweets, I checked out his items on (Twitter – @carddirect).  I picked up a few cards off him and it all went well.  After the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup this week, he added some more cards and I had to pick some up.  Some were Blackhawks and others will go into my traders bucket.



Okay, so the last one shows Dominik Hasek and Chris Chelios in Red Wings sweaters, but I couldn’t pass it up.  Both had Hall of Fame careers.  Hasek started his career with Chicago and Chelios spent years in the Blackhawks sweater, including the years that I first got into hockey.  All of these will go into my PC, unless I need the Toews for the Silver Skates set.



The rest of these I picked up figuring I can find them a good home and hopefully find something that I can add to my PC in return.  If there’s anything that you have an interest in, just let me know!

I do encourage you all to check out Sports Card Direct.  There are no selling fees, just a (small) monthly fee to sell.  I know that pretty much every collector would like to find an alternative to feeBay and this might be it.  I can say that when I get caught up on some things, I will be moving my eBay items for sale over to SCD.

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