Sports Card Radio Show #193

One of the things Colin discusses on yesterday’s episode is how so many in the hobby don’t want to promote/talk about others unless they are making money off it.  We aren’t like that and will start posting when new episodes of the show drop.  It’s a hobby, after all.  We are just here to share and talk about cards.

Of the most interest to me was Colin discussing a flip I made Tuesday on COMC/eBay.  A lot of it is luck, of course, but it takes some knowledge of the marketplace to do that.  Thank you for the mention, Colin.  

He also discusses, breaking in general, the NBA card license coming up for renewal, 2016 Football products and other items COMC related.  You can click on the link below to listen, as well as listen on iTunes.

Show #193 UDs NBA Bid + COMC’s About To Dominate +

Listen at work or on the drive home.  I love listening to card talk.  Enjoy!


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