Starting My Son’s Collection Now

My son was born just under two years ago and ever since that day I keep getting the same question from everyone: what am I doing to start his collection?

I’m actually doing a few things for him including organizing my collection so that when he either wants it or inherits it, he can easily figure out what he has. I’ve seen many people come across lots of cards from deceased relatives and many times they have no idea what they have or what to do with them. 

Another way I’ve started a collection for him is by purchasing PSA-graded vintage and rookie cards. I’m not breaking the bank by any means but I have been able to pick up rookies of Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield, Carlton Fisk, and Carlos Correa. Not a bad start!

The final collection I’ve started for him is unopened packs. This started a little over a year ago and I’ve been able to amass over a hundred packs to this point. And honestly, this is probably the easiest of all three collections. What I’ve been doing to accumulate these packs is every time I’m at Target or Walmart, I pick up a pack for a couple bucks. If I’m already spending $40-50 I don’t really notice the extra $2-3 here and there. Plus, as you can see in the pictures below, there are also some old packs from the 90’s. If I see old packs priced reasonably, I try to pick those up, too. They might not be worth much, but they’re fun! 

Here’s a small sample of what I have so far:

While you’re not seeing any high-end packs such as Tier One or Immaculate, you do see variety! There’s new and old as well as a mixture of sport and non-sport packs. What will happen to these packs is anybody’s guess right now. Will I continue buying these for years to come and have a rip party with my son in 10-15 years with a couple thousand packs? That’s my goal! 


  1. My daughter and son were born 11 months plus apart from one another. I decided to try and get an entire set autographed for them. I chose Topps 2012 since that was the year the first was born. It is tough and slow going but I have had some fun chasing guys down to sign cards. I am almost 1/4 of the way there. I figure they can help me continue the quest when they are old enough (if they have any interest). I am sure you and your son will have a great time ripping some packs together.

  2. I have to say I am quite jealous of your sons collection already. A pack of 92 Triple Play caught my eye but then the Blue Chips and the Decision 2016 really caught my attention. Then I saw something I never knew existed? They made cards of Eight Men Out? I need to check Ebay now. Great post, I hope your son picks up and continues the hobby.

  3. i wish i had the self control to do this. i have a “prize box” for my son in place of allowance where each week he can choose a toy or packs. ever since i added cards he hasnt chose a toy, lol. i have pokemon and baseball (i let him try football, hockey and bball but he wasnt interested). he also loves autographs and memorabilia. he saves up his dave and busters points to get tristar balls and loves hitti g a HOFer. good stuff!

  4. i also bought a used base from yankee stadium from the day he was born, and have collected other memorabilia from that day.

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