A Bear of a Mail Day from Topps

If you don’t follow Blowout Buzz on Twitter, you should.  Their giveaways are real and this post is courtesy of them.  I won a Kris Bryant redemption months ago from them.  They are completely on the up-and-up.

Monday I tweeted asking how long it should actually take for Topps to send out live cards.  I had looked to see if my item had shipped and it hadn’t, per the site.  It hadn’t been all THAT long since I entered the code (I waited until the card was live) but it should be a quick process in my opinion.

I checked again Thursday, only to find that it had been delivered to my office on Wednesday.  It was shipped before Monday.  So, take note when looking at redemptions that it does take some time to update.

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PACK BREAK: One Topps #BaseballCardDay Pack

Kin Kinsley
August 13, 2016

I honestly had forgotten this was today.  I’m not a baseball guy.  I had to make a a quick stop this morning at Triple Cards in Plano, TX before today’s card show, to pick up one common card.  I’ll save the “why” for later today.  Even though I spent just a dollar, I did get one pack of these.  I know everyone wants to see, so…

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PACK BREAK: 2 (More) Packs 2016 Topps Archives Baseball

As I mentioned on Beckett Radio, I’m buying very little modern.  I have made the move to mostly vintage, but I do like these cards for the nostalgia.  I picked up two packs before when I stopped into Duane’s Sports Cards and decided to snag a couple more on the next trip in.

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