The Forgotten TTM Sport

January 24, 2017

Written By: Jason Dean Martin

Through the mail (TTM) autographs have been around for years, decades even as children and adults have pursued any means necessary for obtaining their favorite athlete’s signature. But, what I have often noticed is many collectors focus on the four major sports (baseball, basketball, football, and hockey) with auto racing being a possible fifth addition to that list.  Usually, professional wrestlers are left out when considering TTM options because they tend to travel more than any other athlete.  However, I’m here to tell you that these athletes cannot be overlooked as they can tend to actually be more accessible than athletes from the more popular sports and because a handful of wrestlers are former pros in the “big four” sports.

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The WWE ToppsNOW Cards Are Limited…and Pricey!


Jason Dean Martin

August 25, 2016

Topps released the first five WWE Topps NOW cards this past Monday, the day after Summerslam while also giving collectors a heads-up over the weekend that they were coming.  Even with the advanced notice, the highest print run any of the five cards will receive is #4 Finn Balor at 221 copies! Of the other four cards, all have print runs between 114-132.

And with a limited supply available, you can be sure that these will (and already are) command big bucks!

Topps priced these cards the exact same way they do for baseball, $9.99 per card or buy all of that day’s offerings at a discounted price. However, if you missed your opportunity within the 24-hour window, trying to purchase one on the secondary market could prove to be difficult and expensive.

Let’s crunch some numbers!

In searching “2016 wwe topps now” on eBay, you’re given 164 results with only 11 consisting of the five cards from this release. That’s less than 10%! Prices from that search range from just under $19 to approximately $30 per card with two sets currently listed for sale at $99.99 and $144.44. If you check the completed sales, an A.J. Styles and a Finn Balor card have each sold for $49.99.

While I don’t foresee a ton of WWE ToppsNOW cards being released in the future, I would definitely consider buying from Topps directly any cards of WWE Superstars that I may want to add to my collection instead of waiting for them to hit eBay.

Looking To Collect a Royal Rumble Favorite?

  Are you anxiously awaiting tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble like I am? Are you stuck inside with several inches of snow (22 to be exact) outside like I am? If so, here’s a look at my Top 10 favorites for tonight’s event and a key card for each that you may want to add to your collection.
A.J. Styles


2004 Pacific TNA Autograph ($7)

It’s been rumored for a few weeks now that TNA’s former golden boy has signed with WWE and may make his debut as early as tonight’s Royal Rumble. Will he win? I doubt it as debuting superstars aren’t usually deemed “WWE ready” initially. He’s a fan favorite that will get a huge crowd reaction if he shows up tonight but don’t count on him being the last man remaining. 

Roman Reigns


2015 WWE Topps Heritage Autograph ($25)

Reigns is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion going into tonight’s event but he’s also the #1 entrant giving him the most difficult hill to climb. Plenty of #1’s have won it all but The McMahons are definitely going to try their best to prevent that from happening. 

Brock Lesnar


2002 Fleer Royal Rumble RC ($20)

He’s probably the favorite to win it all tonight and he should be. But, after The Wyatt Family attacked him on Monday, will he lose focus and be distracted by them once again allowing himself to be eliminated?

Samoa Joe


2010 Tristar The Next Generation TNA Icons ($13)

Let’s face it. This pick is wishful thinking on my part as he’s just not in the title picture at the moment. However, I’d love to see him make his WWE main roster debut later tonight!

Daniel Bryan

2015 WWE Topps Autograph ($25)

Daniel Bryan has been off of WWE television for quite awhile now waiting to be cleared by WWE’s doctors. But, I have seen a couple rumors floating around out there that he was cleared earlier this week.  Were they true? Nobody knows for sure. But, if he makes his return tonight, he is automatically a top favorite to win.  

Triple H


2002 Fleer All Access Off The Mat Autograph ($500)

Triple H has to be considered a lock to return tonight. But, it remains to be seen if he’ll be a Rumble entrant or just an outside distraction to get revenge on Roman Reigns and help eliminate him. 

The Undertaker


1994 WWF Action Packed Autograph ($225)

The Undertaker is always a potential return for the Royal Rumble and thus year is no different. You know he’ll play s big factor in this year’s Wrestlemania as it could be his last. Expect Taker to show up tonight or tomorrow on Raw at the latest. Either way, enjoy the ride!

Finn Balor

2015 Topps WWE Undisputed NXT In Line Autograph ($50)

While there’s a good chance he’ll make his main roster debut tonight, don’t expect him to win. He’s an outside favorite but I would expect The Balor Club after Wrestlemania if he doesn’t show up tonight. 

Bray Wyatt


2015 Topps WWE Undisputed Autograph ($15)

Consider him a favorite only if his Family eliminates Brock Lesnar as that seems to be where his Wrestlemania story is heading. 

Kevin Owens

2015 Topps WWE Undisputed NXT In Line Autograph ($40)

This man should be WWE World Heavyweight Chsmpion very soon! I just don’t know if tonight is his night. If he loses to Dean Ambrose I would expect his chances of winning being higher than if he beats Ambrose. Remember last year’s Wrestlemania when Seth Rollins lost to Randy Orton then cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase during the Reigns/Lesnar match? Will history repeat itself? It’s very possible.