The Sean Taylor Flawless Cut Has Been Pulled

We’re roughly 24 hours into the release of Panini’s 2017 Flawless NFL Football and one of the most anticipated cards has already been pulled by a collector in Ohio.

Keaton Icard pulled the Sean Taylor Flawless Cuts numbered 1/1 yesterday from Triple Play Sports Cards & Memorabilia in Westerville, Ohio.

Pictures of the card were posted in a Facebook group Wednesday evening and offers for this cut autograph quickly surpassed a couple thousand dollars, which isn’t shocking since this is his first and only certified pack-released autograph. Autographs of Taylor on items such as mini helmets and 8×10 photos consistently sell for over $600 when accompanied by a reputable third-party authentication such as PSA.

While I applaud Panini for producing Taylor’s first autograph card and including it in a high-end release like Flawless, the finished product leaves something to be desired. The actual cut is half of a 2004 Topps Total Sean Taylor rookie card that must’ve been signed in-person which Panini acquired then authenticated before deciding to include it in this release. It’s ironic that Panini used a Topps card for this but that’s fine with me. The part that bothers me is the excess room on each side of the cut since it doesn’t fill up the entire window. I would’ve rather seen them use a cut from an autographed photo to ensure there was no excess for the finished product. However, all gripes aside, this is truly a unique, one-of-kind card that will be highly sought after. Just don’t be surprised if you never see it again after the eBay listing is complete. I can easily see this going into someone’s collection never to see the light of day again.

If you’re interested in purchasing this card, you can find it on eBay here! Keaton has it posted for sale in a 10-day listing. He also has plans to start a break page very soon so keep your eyes open for that in the very near future, too!

It’ll be interesting to see what the final price of this Sean Taylor card is with some predicting it will surpass $10,000. I guess we’ll know in 10 days!


Pitiful Panini

As I write this, we are about a week removed from the Dak Prescott autopen situation coming to light.  If you’re reading this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The story has made the Washington Post, ESPN and other outlets.  I even saw a local opinion piece from someone that has no idea what he’s talking about in regard to this situation.

Panini hasn’t said a word.   It’s been reported that a Panini employee hung up on a USA Today reporter.  None of Dak Prescott’s representatives have talked.  Nor has the NFL or NFLPA.  I guess they don’t realize that the longer they let this go, the worse it looks.  Besides, something tells me that Panini knew about this before word got out.  To me, the silence is deafening.

Less than a month ago, Panini acknowledged that some cards signed by first round pick Takkarist McKinley were not signed by him.

This morning I saw a tweet regarding signatures from a Panini Country Music product that may have also been autopenned.

Oh, and we are just months removed from Panini being called out for using Mitchell & Ness jerseys and calling them “game worn” on 2016 National Treasures product.


Is the a doomsday scenario for Panini?  I don’t think so.

All of the major card companies have serious deficiencies.  Not once has the collecting community said “enough is enough” and stopped purchasing any company’s product.  It’s sad, but I don’t believe that even all of these situations will keep people from buying Panini.

There are too many in the hobby just waiting to pull that next “sick hit” or “wicked patch” and they will be giving more money to Panini in no time.  If only the consumer had an option of something else to buy…

They don’t though, thanks to exclusives.  We can add this to the list of reasons that exclusives are bad for this hobby.  If Topps was still producing football cards, I believe that shops would have a hard time keeping them on the shelves after this high-profile boner.

You have nowhere else to go.  You won’t stop buying.  Why should Panini care or change anything?

Within the last year I sent my resume to Panini.  They never bothered to contact me.  The sports card industry is very much a “good ol’ boys” network and unless you have a connection, it’s next to impossible to get it.  Thank God for unanswered prayers.

Good luck to Panini at the National.  You’re going to need it.



Box Break: 2015 Panini Prizm Baseball

Last week I ordered two baseball hobby boxes from Blowout Cards as part of their Fourth of July sale. Well, they arrived this past Thursday and I was extremely happy with the results, including this box of 2015 Panini Prizm baseball. 

This particular item was one of Blowout’s Firecracker Deals (items that were deeply discounted but only for a limited time). I was able to purchase this hobby box for $17.76!

Here are my results:

I pulled the Canseco in the first pack I opened and would’ve been happy had that been the only hit. The rest of the cards were just icing on the cake!

Happy collecting!

Box Break: 2016 Panini Diamond Kings Retail x2

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything as I’ve just been a little busier than normal. However, I’ve still been buying cards and today I’ll show you a recent purchase that I was pleased with. 

I recently purchased two blaster boxes of Panini Diamond Kings from Target for $19.99 each. While I didn’t pull any autograph or memorabilia cards, I was pleased with the overall results. 

Box 1: 

Box 2:

As you can see from the pictures, the same seven parallel/insert types were represented in each box. I don’t know if that was coincidence or not, but there’s enough variety there even if this is the typical break. 

I love the variety that Diamond Kings provides the collector. There are players from multiple eras. There are color and black & white illustrations. There are framed cards, minis, horizontal and vertical layouts, bright colors where needed and designs that pay homage to the past.

In my opinion, this is a fun break for $20 no matter what cards you pull. Luckily for me, I pulled that Ken Griffey Jr card pictured above. That instantly became one of my favorite all time cards!

My First Panini Rewards Card Has Arrived

If you follow this blog, you’ve seen my daily box break posts from my recent DA Card World order that included several hobby boxes, retail boxes, and loose packs. It was a fun break because of the variety it included but I pulled a card that I had yet to acquire; a Panini Rewards card and this one was for 150 points. 


The Panini Rewards program debuted about two years ago and is an attempt to remove redemption cards from packs. I’ve heard negatives and positives about these “points cards” but had never been through the process since they had eluded me in my pack and box purchases. 

Nevertheless, I finally had one. But, now the question was what to do with it. Should I sell it or redeem it myself? After a few days of browsing the Panini Rewards shop, I decided I’d try to sell it. I didn’t really see anything that grabbed my attention so u thought I’d cash out. I inquired with a couple collectors that regularly buy these points but my highest offer was $6. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with that either. So, I thought what the hell, I’ll just redeem it just to see how smooth the process is. 

After browsing the baseball cards available from Panini and again not really seeing I wanted, a lightbulb went off! They probably have a few cards of my favorite NBA players of the 90’s! And yes they did! I saw a few options for Kendall Gill, a couple for Glen Rice, and some of Larry Johnson which is who I picked. 

After all that, here’s the beauty that I received today for the price of 150 points (approx. $6 on the secondary market) and $4.44 shipping and handling. 

I wasn’t able to find any active or sold listings on eBay to get an idea of what the selling price may be and to see if I paid fair market value.  But, for less than $10.50, I’m very happy with my purchase and that’s all that matters!

PACK BREAK: 2015-16 Panini Prizm Hanger Pack (4 Total Packs)

At the twice-a-year show at the Adat Chaverim, it’s asked for a $1 donation.  When you donate, you get some goodies and this was one of them.  This is what all I got just by donating my dollar.


The Prizm hanger pack had three four-card packs and another pack that contained three Red/White/Blue Prizm cards.  I don’t pay any attention to basketball, but since they were current season, I thought I’d snag them and post the results.  The cards are going to go to my nephew that loves basketball.


The Kareen Abdul-Jabbar is the Prizm parallel and the rest are base.


To be honest, I’ve only heard of one of these three (Chalmers).  For the price, you can’t complain with the results!

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Paying Home Run Prices For Topps Bunt Cards

As I may have stated before, I’ve been a card collector for almost 30 years and I’m only 33 years old.  I also consider myself to be technologically inclined compared to most people.  My house is full of electronics including iPhones, iPads, laptops, and multiple gaming consoles.  Heck, even my one year old son can prop up my iPad for his viewing pleasure complete with the swiping motion to go from screen to screen.

But, there’s one thing that I just cannot latch onto and that’s digital trading cards.  Topps has an amazing looking and functioning app for digital baseball cards called Topps Bunt and I know there are collectors out there that absolutely love it, even paying big bucks for some of the rare cards that can be pulled from the digital packs.

If you’re unfamiliar with Topps Bunt, here’s an extremely simple summary of what it is:  Topps Bunt is an app you can download via iTunes or Android stores.  In the app you can open virtual packs of cards by purchasing or earning virtual coins.  In those packs can be base cards, inserts, parallels, autographs, and relic cards just as you’d find in packs at your local hobby shop.

Even though I’m not a big fan of the app, I would highly recommend it to anyone that has been hesitant to try it.  There are ways to use and enjoy the app without ever spending a penny as you can earn coins just by checking in every day and use those to open packs.  It can be very addicting and a great way to kill 10-15 minutes without even realizing it.

But here’s what I don’t understand.  When I pull an autograph card from a pack of cards purchased in person at my local hobby shop, the card in my hand was actually signed by the player (assuming it’s an on-card autograph).  I actually have something in my hand that the player touched and signed at some point in time.  With autograph cards on Topps Bunt, since they’re digital cards, they have digital signatures.  In my mind, these digital signatures are as valuable as the facsimile signatures sometimes featured on trading cards….meaning they have NO VALUE.

Though from the picture below, I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about because someone out there actually paid $595 in cold, hard cash for a digitally-autographed card….yes, for a card that the player never actually touched; that the player never signed with a pen or Sharpie.

It blows my mind.  All I can say is to each their own.

The digital trading card market is growing every year with Panini also getting into the field with the app for the NBA called Panini Dunk.  I may not like where trading cards are headed but I think I better learn to love it or be left in the dust.

How do you feel about these types of apps?  Are you a collector of digital cards?  Feel free to leave us a comment below or on Twitter!  We want to hear what you have to say!