Target Coupon Code for 25% off Toys & Cards

Thanks to the awesome Twitter card community, I found out about a Target coupon that will get you 25% off one toy. The good news for hobbyists is that sports cards fall under this banner. That’s $5 off a normal blaster box price!

The original tweet that I retweeted was about a combined 5% and 10% off if you use their credit card, if I remember correctly. For all the garbage that happens in the trading card hobby, there are plenty of great people out there. A huge should out to @BillPaganism on Twitter for sharing this coupon code.

I sent the text and yes, I did receive reply with a link to the Target coupon. In my reply, it states that the coupon is good through 11/23.

One interesting piece of info about the Target coupon was shared by Brian from Montana (@card_a_holic). While the coupon is good on one item, it appears to be usable multiple times.*

*It appears that while this has worked for some, others are saying it won’t work multiple times for them.

That’s all this post is about. Go out and have some cards, but save yourself some money. With the holidays coming, make sure to share this post with as many folks as you can to help them out!

If you hear of any deals like this in the future, please reach out to be (preferably on Twitter) and let me know. Everyone collects differently but we all collect so let’s help one another out. Sharing information like this is something that’s easy to do, but helps build a sense of community. Share your knowledge!

Happy collecting, y’all!

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