The Plan was to Spend less than $5 in the Card Shop

Yes, that was the plan.  I’ve gotten rid of most of my modern cards that I have no intention to keep.  I have to ship one more order off to COMC and needed some 330-count boxes to ship them in.  I headed over to Duane’s yesterday morning and after waiting a few minutes (I was there before they opened), I headed in and made a round.  That was the mistake.

It’s not like I spent a bunch of money, but it was more than I intended.  We are headed to the Indianapolis 500 at the end of the month and I’m trying to save every dollar I can for the trip.  I want to go with more money than we need.

However, I spotted a card that I wanted.  I saw a post somewhere earlier this week and learned that the 1962 Sam Huff card is a short print.  I had no idea.  I love that set, probably because of the black borders.  When I was in my teens, I was working on a 1971 Topps Baseball set but eventually gave it up.  When I saw the Huff today, I had to have it.  I felt it was in good shape.

1962 Topps #110 Sam Huff
1962 Topps #110 Sam Huff (back)

I didn’t pay the sticker price.  Upon looking at eBay closed sales, I may have slightly overpaid.  It’s not by much though.  Also, I was able to walk out with the card and I know the seller.  He’s an older gentleman and I have no concerns of shadiness.  I’m quite happy with the pickup.

Oh, I got my boxes too.

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