‘Tis the Season? A Star and Eagle #Mailday

I’ve encountered many trading situations where someone was interested in some items that I had, but they didn’t have anything that did anything for me.  Sometimes, they are interested in stuff that nobody else has been and I almost feel inclined to make a trade of some sort.  This trade was one of those. I traded off a couple of Sabres cards and one other card to get two back.


The Eagle was THE goaltender of my youth.  I grew up a Blackhawks fan and he was the man.  Obviously, this jersey card is a Maple Leafs one, but I still figured “why not?”  I wasn’t giving up anything that I had an attachment to.


Alex Chiasson isn’t even with the Stars now.  However, I want to put all the Canvas Stars sets together, so I will pick them up when I can get them as a throw in.  So, here he is.

I didn’t write this piece with my usual excitement, but it wasn’t a very exciting trade for me.  At the end of the day it was still a good one.  I picked up two PC pieces, no matter how “ho hum” they are.

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