Topps Series II: Always Lost in the Shuffle

Every year baseball collectors across the nation clamor for the release of Topps Series I. It signifies the beginning of the collecting season as well as the MLB season since it usually releases right around the time pitchers and catchers are reporting to Spring Training.  Series I also gets collectors ready for warmer weather, ballpark food, and the sounds and smells associated with every baseball game. To many, Topps Series I represents the new year more than January 1 does to others outside the hobby.

But, for some reason Topps Series II never seems to have the same appeal as its earlier counterpart.  Part of the issue could be the timing of the release particularly this year as Finest and Archives were released just a few days ago and Stadium Club will be out shortly.  Another possibility could be that funds are being spent elsewhere by families. This is vacation season and those aren’t cheap which means all that “play money” is temporarily on lockdown.

This year could be slightly different though with the inclusion of Kris Bryant’s rookie card. He’s possibly the hottest hobby rookie since Bryce Harper and that can only mean positive things for any product that features his cards.

Only time will tell whether or not this year’s Series II will best similar past releases.  In my opinion, it’s just another product that’s easily overlooked while collectors anticipate the release of Topps Update with a (usually) stronger crop of rookies.

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