TTM Success #31 – And Why I Dislike Modern Cards

Kin Kinsley
September 20, 2016

As I’ve started sending off for autographs, I’ve focused on retired athletes.  When possible, I’ve sent older cards because of the surface.  I’ve sent some modern ones and they’d turned out fine…until one didn’t…

A.J. Foyt was in the first batch of requests that I sent out.  I know that it would take longer to get back and it was also the one I wanted the most.  After a few months, I received both cards back signed.  One was completely fine, but then there was this one.


I’ve had glossy cards come back fine.  In this case, it was probably signed quickly without time to dry and moved.  Then it smeared.  I don’t blame the signer.  It would be awesome if they’d take the time to let the ink dry but that’s not their job.

I’v’e heard tricks about using erasers or baby powder to remove some of the gloss.  I may look into this in the future.  If anyone knows of a specific site or post somewhere that address this, please let me know!

I did get this one back and it’s not smeared, so I’m still happy with the overall return.  I find it cool how he decided to sign right by him and not in the center.


I do need to get Mr. Foyt’s signature on the 2000 Press Pass Techno/Retro cards I have for the set I’m working on.  I didn’t have them yet at the time I sent this request.  Foyt is one of my heroes and knowing that it sometimes takes awhile to get signatures back from him I wanted to get something in the works.  This one took just under three months to get back.  Well worth the wait, to me.

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  1. Good thing one of them turned out; the vintage action shot is a much cooler card anyway. It’s too bad it’s not possible to get Sachs’ auto on there as well.

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