TTM Success #32 – My Valentine

Kin Kinsley
September 22, 2016

Well, he’s not my valentine, but that’s the wittiest thing I could come up with.

I was searching through some vintage cards at Duane’s Sports Cards one afternoon and came across a card that I knew I wanted to get signed.  I like to think that I have a good sense of humor and we know Bobby Valentine does.  Some love him, some hate him.  I’m among the former.


I’m not a baseball guy, so I had no idea what Valentine was up to.  Turns out he is now the Athletic director at Sacred Heart University.  That’s where I sent this request to.  It came back in about six weeks.

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  1. I’ve sent a card to him there as well. I got back a card that wasn’t the one I sent. I asked around and it turns out that he pre-signs a bunch and it is unlikely that you will get back the card you send him. You are one of the lucky ones who actually get back the card you send him.

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