TTM Success – Gino Marchetti

Kin Kinsley
July 31, 2016

Before I send off any TTM requests, I do my homework.  Gino Marchetti will always sign, but sometimes he sends a HOF card back with your cards unsigned.  I wasn’t sure what I would get back, but much to my pleasure, Mr. Marchetti sent back the two cards that I sent!

Most of my favorite football card sets are pre-1956.  Among the sets after that I consider among my favorites, these are two of them.  Adding two autographs of a legend that made a big play in perhaps the biggest football game in professional football history (“The Greatest Game Ever Played”) makes for a great mail day.


As I researched to write this post, I also found that Mr. Marchetti was born in my home state of West Virginia.  It made this return that much better.

LINK:  Gino Marchetti beloved by Baltimore for his Colts and fast food careers

LINK:  Where are they now: Gino Marchetti

LINK:  My Army experience was life-altering

LINK:  Gino Marchetti (Pro Football Hall of Fame)

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