‘Twas the Night Before the Dallas Card Show

I attended the Dallas Card Show Set Up and Trade Night this evening.  I’m glad I did, as I picked up some great cards to add to my collection.  More on that in a future post, though.

The point of this post is the short video I made showing the vendors’ tables that were set up.  Hopefully if you see this and are local, it’ll give you the motivation to head to tomorrow’s show.

Between college football through the end of the year and my upcoming wedding in January, I didn’t think I’d make it to a show until February at the earliest.  However, I received that familiar green postcard in the mail earlier this week from Roger Neufeldt.

Anyway, on to my quick video of tables that were set tonight!

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    1. I will be posting my pickups from last night shortly. I did pick up some cards from him, none that I mentioned in this video, stay tuned! Also, thanks for commenting on my posts! It feels good knowing some people are checking out and liking the things that I share!

    1. I’ve never truly sat down and went through the tens of thousands of Rich’s cards. It’s just too much! A ton of 50s and 60s cards are in there. Thanks for commenting on my posts, it does feel good to know that some are reading. I don’t think too many that read my other blog “moved” over to this one, even though I posted about it. I get a lot less comments here.

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