Unexpected Mailday From Texas

A few days ago I received a package in the mail with a card inside. Nothing more. Not even an explanation as to why I was receiving this bubble mailer from the Lone Star State. However, I knew exactly why it was mailed to me; Kin found something he thought I’d enjoy.

We do that from time to time. We’ll send each other random finds that the other collects and just send them to one another without notice or explanation.

This time I received the card pictured below. A 2006 Andy Van Slyke Upper Deck Artifacts jersey card.

I’m not a huge AVS fan as I always liked Bonds and Bonilla more. Plus, I think I still harbor bad feelings from getting snubbed by Andy when I asked for an autograph after a game at Three Rivers Stadium when I was a kid. But, I never turn down free cards and this probably wasn’t anything I’d ever search for so I’m glad somebody was smart enough to add it to my collection.

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