Upper Deck Makes It Right

I’ve always been a fan of Upper Deck, but recently I’ve written a couple of pieces voicing my displeasure.  This post is to tell you that they’ve made things right by me.

I’m not pulling down the posts.   Thought I’m not in the journalism field, I do have a journalism degree and like to maintain a level of integrity (and more than many actually in the field).  Upper Deck, and specifically Chris Carlin, went out of their way and listened to my concerns.  I respect that.

Mr. Carlin took non-office time to talk with me via phone.  In response to one of my complaints, Carlin gave me an answer that I certainly understand.  I’m a skeptical person, but it was an answer that also occurs in occupation.  I understand and believe exactly what he said.

My other complaint was about how ePack free packs no longer contain cards that can be combined to make physical cards.  He gave me a couple of reasons why the change was made.  I don’t agree with the decision that was made, but I understand it.  If you’ve been in the forum on ePack, it’s something that many users predicted before it happened.

Something I don’t like about customer service employees are the generic, almost automated replies that we so often receive.  During my conversation with Mr. Carlin, I never felt that he was toeing that line.  He was honest and straight-forward.  As a person often pegged as negative, I really appreciate the honesty.

At the end of the call, I was happy.  I felt he did listen to my concerns, which weren’t just for me.  I felt that I was speaking for other collectors as well.  Whether anything might be different next time or not, I can’t speak to.  I do felt listened to and can’t ask for more.

He mentioned that they had sent a package to me as an apology for the Laine situation.  I never received it, but he mentioned (without me asking) that it was sent to an old address (the one on file with Upper Deck).  Unfortunately, I haven’t lived there in over a year.  Hopefully at some point the company will get that package back, or hopefully whoever elected to open it will decide cards are fun and join the hobby.

Upper Deck sent ANOTHER package, this time to my current address.  Inside was some product, apparel, and a few singles.  If you’ve seen #UDRAK, you understand the sort of package I am referencing.

Mr. Carlin said that he saw I am a Blackhawks fan and my lady is a Stars fan.  That is correct.  Those were the single that were included and it was a fantastic personal touch.  It wouldn’t be a card post without a card, so I present to you one of the cards…


Jeremy Roenick was my favorite player as a teenager and still one of my favorites, if not my number one.  It is a wonderful addition to my collection.

In closing, I want to point out that at no time did anyone at Upper Deck ask anything of me.  They didn’t ask me to remove any posts or write a follow-up.  All discussions were about the situations I had written about.

Even before that, Upper Deck hadn’t lost me completely as a customer.  I’ve been trying to find O-Pee-Chees locally because I want to put the set together.  I haven’t had luck, but I’m still trying.

My concern is ePack.  I’m not sure how I will treat it going forward.  I know that I certainly won’t spend as much money as I have in the last 12 months.  I had planned not to spend any more money at all.  However, seeing today that Alex DeBrincat may make the Blackhawks roster means I may have to buy Series 2 so I can make a gold rainbow Young Guns.  Not many of them will reach the secondary market.

We will see what the future holds, but Upper Deck made this right by me.  If you shop online and haven’t signed up and used ebates yet, you’re missing out. I also use it on eBay to get money back from purchases there. Between referrals and cash back, I’ve gotten over $100 in about seven months. FREE CARDS! If you’re on Twitter, please give me a follow. Please check out my personal blog, I Feel Like a Collector Again.  Happy collecting!


  1. Nice article Kin … really well written and great to hear Chris Carlin stepping up to address your concerns! Well done on all fronts! Upper Deck TCB!!! – M. Carlson (SpartyHawk cache)

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