Very small pickup at Triple Cards (Plano, TX)

I took Thursday and Friday off and after stopping by my lady’s office Friday and taking her to lunch, I decided to head northeast to Plano and check out Triple Cards in Plano.


My intention was to spend a little time and try to find some common hidden treasures that I’m hoping to pick up.  The shop has a ridiculous amount of singles organized by sport, set, year and number along the walls of the store.  They may not have everything (I wasn’t too successful, as you’ll see), but this is the shop in the area where you have the best chance.  I had a handful of cards I wanted to look for, but only found one.

1989 Swell Greats #130 Frank Gatski
1989 Swell Greats #130 Frank Gatski

Frank Gatski was from Farmington, West Virginia, which is 30-45 minutes from where I grew up.  I didn’t know it until later, but I played baseball growing up against his grandson.  I didn’t know because he had a different last name.  Funny part is, I had probably my best game ever, getting three of my teams four hits off him.  Okay, back to the task at hand.

He is enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and since when I cared about the NFL I was a Browns fan, I’ve had his rookie card for years.  I actually had it graded when I submitted my first ever cards to BGS for grading.  The 1955 Bowman is his only in-career mainstream card.  His other cards released during his playing days are team or regional issues and can command a hefty price.  Perhaps I will have a few of them someday.


While I’m not looking to buy and bust boxes anymore, I will probably buy some packs from time to time and decided to grab these.  Okay, the truth is I didn’t want to walk out only buying one 25 cent card.  There was no Andrew Shaw or anything else noteworthy in the pack, but I left the shop spending less than $5, so no worries on my end.

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