Vintage eBay #Mailday

This pickup started the day that Steve Spurrier stepped down as the coach at South Carolina.  I had looked a few times at his cards on eBay, but hadn’t paid a ton of attention to prices or anything.  I just knew that he didn’t have a bunch of cards from his playing days.

As I did my research for my Top Five Steve Spurrier Cards post, I learned a bit more.  One of the cards I included on the list, I found at far below market value one of Invest in Baseball on eBay.  I knew it would be a rough card, but was okay with that.

img340 img341

I did fail to look at the picture of the back on the item description.  I probably wouldn’t have bought the card if I had, but that’s all on me.  I’ll pick up a better quality one at some point and try to recoup some of what I put into this one.

I knew the seller specialized in vintage and I needed some Wally Moon cards for an autograph signing he was doing at a local show on October 24.  They had a good selection of them, and below are the ones that I chose.

img330 img331

img332 img333

img334 img335

img336 img337


Unfortunately, Mr. Moon had to cancel his appearance.  He was going to make a drive of a couple of hours and in the days prior to the show, there was a heavy amount of rain in the area and a lot of flooding.  He has rescheduled his appearance for next month.  If you are interested, you can find info here.  The show promoter will work with mail order requests.

I was just a couple of items away from their “free shipping” promotion, so I thought I’d see what I could find.  I don’t get suckered into those things and spend a lot extra, but if I can get a few more cards and barely pay any more, I will do it.

Typically I don’t like buying vintage online, but I figured I would go ahead and look to see what 1955 Topps All-American cards they had at a cheap price.  I ended up picking up three low-grade cards for my set.  These will all probably be upgraded later, but I want to go ahead and get the entire set together first.

img342 img343

img344 img345

img346 img347

My items arrived very quickly and packaged well, so I have no complaints at all!

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