Vintage Footb…errr…Baseball Card of the Day – 1973 Topps #50 Roberto Clemente

Before I started my Vintage Football Card of the Day posts, I talked with Jason to get his thoughts.  He suggested that I just call it Vintage Card so that I could use other sports.  While it was a fantastic idea, I know that my vintage love is in the football realm and that’s what I’d want to post.  So I went with football.  I grew up an hour south of Pittsburgh and I know how loved he is there, even to this day.

Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I saw a post from Andrew McCutchen’s page mentioning Roberto Clemente.  He also posted the image that I used as the header on this piece.  I only have one Clemente card from his playing days and I made it today’s card of the day.

The image below is my actual copy of the card and I’m very happy that I have it. I picked it up from Baseball Card Exchange in Indianapolis when I still lived there.

I think that anyone reading this at least knows the general story about Clemente’s death.  After a earthquake in Nicaragua, he was on a December 31, 1972 flight that contained relief supplies for victims.  Unfortunately the plane crashed shortly after takeoff.

I’ve actually been thinking back the last couple of weeks about how excited I was at Christmas as a kid in the 80s and 90s because I usually got a box of cards for the next season.  I feel like Donruss and Topps were the first two to release and usually before Christmas.

I don’t know when sets were released in the 1970s.  That’s a little before my time.  Perhaps this card was released before December 31.  Maybe it was released posthumously.  Nonetheless, this would be the last mainstream Clemente card from his playing days.

1973 Topps #50 Roberto Clemente

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