Vintage Football Card of the Day – 1952 Bowman Large #144 Jim Lansford

On the list of top vintage football cards, this is #3 all time on the “Collecting Vintage Football Cards” checklist.  Not only is it one of the short prints, it’s the last card in the set.

On Cardboard Connection’s “Top 25 Football Rookie Cards of the 1950s,” takes the top spot.  Per the article, “When looking at the top 1950s football rookie cards, one set stands out in particular, 1952 Bowman Large Football. While the cards are beautiful, much of their status comes from the number of short prints. In 1952, Bowman experimented with two sizes for football. 1952 Bowman Large Football was a new size. And with all new things, there’s a lot of trial and error.

As a result, many cards are tougher to find than others. The domino effect carries over to card values where players who might not normally be worth a lot are all of a sudden among the most valuable vintage football cards. This rings loudest with the 1952 Bowman Large Jim Lansford.  Although he played in a handful of NFL games, the card is one of the most desirable of all-time. The reason? It’s tough to find, particularly in high-grade condition. Positioned on the bottom corner of one of the set’s sheets, a lot got damaged as Bowman perfected the new dimensions. As a result, the 1952 Bowman Large Jim Lansford can outsell rookies from legends like Jim Brown and Bart Starr. By comparison, the Lansford in 1952 Bowman Small doesn’t cause much of a stir at all.”


I actually saw this exact copy at the October Dallas Card Show.  I’ve recently started learning more about vintage and when I saw this card, I did a double take, not thinking I’d see it at a 30-ish table show.

An very off-center, raw copy sold on eBay in August for $303.  An SGC 10 copy sold last month for $151.  There are currently seven copies available on eBay.  The buy prices range from $675 (for a PSA 3) to $1800 for a raw copy.

I hope that you enjoyed the look.  Please check back tomorrow for another!

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